What makes a good portfolio or showreel?

A great portfolio site is very important for a starting web developer, whether he is freelancing or looking for a full-time job.

One of the most important things for an employer is experience, and having a great portfolio is one of the best way to show off your experience and quality of work. A lot of people struggle getting work experience but the great thing about being a web developer is the fact that you can work on your own, code websites and gain valuble experience that you will be able to show to your potential employers.

Every good portfolio should have a little information about you. Your picture, and few words about yourself to give a slight insight into your personality. You should also include your resume with any relevant work experience and your contact details.

Last but not least are your projects in your portfolio. The projects you decide to put on your portfolio are very important and should make sure the work you put here is your best stuff. If you’re showing off website make sure you link them correctly and the website are fully tested and working. When it comes to how many projects you should put on your portfolio you should concentrate on quality over quantity and only show the projects you are proud of.

Here is the link to my portfolio where I included projects that I finish as a part of my college course as well as some freelancing work I did and websites I coded in my spare time:


and here’s some links to other great portfolios I found:




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