Intellectual Property rights and their importance in the creative industries.

What is intellectual property?

Intelectual Property is basically anything that is a product of your mind. It’s artistic work, names, symbols, inventions and even images used in business and marketing.

Intellectual Property rights protect your ownership by enforcing laws that prevent other people from using your work without your permission. Intellectual Property needs to be protected as it can generate money for the owner that other people can steal by duplicating his work.


Intellectual Property rights in the creative industries

There’s an argument that Intellectual Property rights stifle creativity as it prevents people from creating similar work to other artist they might be inspired by, however this all depends on how strictly the Intellectual Property rights are enforced. I believe in the creative industry the Intellectual Property rights don’t stifle creativity at all, and if anything it helps the industry grow by forcing artist to come up with their original work. However the tech industry struggles with the Intellectual Property rights. The big tech companies constatnly sue each other and patent new technologies which sometimes hinders other companies subsequent innovations.

Here’s a link to a article that talks about the patent war between two biggest tech companies in the world (Apple  vs Samsung)

I believe the intellectual property rights are very important in the web and app development industry. Developers need to respect each other’s work and ideas. There’s a lot of developers and big mobile game companies that steal ideas from indie game developers and cost them a lot of money. In those cases I believe the Intellectual Property rights should be enforced strongly to allow small developers make money off of their ideas.

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